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Research and Development

Our R&D efforts in 'plastic packaging' help us in developing new and improved products.

Our research and development programs

Development of differentiated grades of PET for novel applications

R&D efforts in the polymer sector continued towards new and improved product development, catalystchemical- additive development and process improvement in addition to IPR.
Savita Containers continued to participate in various research programs organized at various places in India and abroad.

We are researching on "Wood Plastic Composites"

Wood Plastic Composites

"WPC" is an innovative product for the next century . It is a wood-plastic product material derived from the advanced high technology processes. Either PVC or PP/PE, wood powder, saw dust, rice hull, sugar cane can be used. Once the compond is ready it can be used in Extrusion or Injection Molding. "WPC" embraces the natural appearance of wood and can be used for both building-residential and commercial purposes. Apart from its mechanical properties like water and fire resistant, "WPC" 's unique manufacturing processes and high technology makes near-zero waste factor possible and brings significant benefits to the industrialists."WPC" has the added advantage of its resilience and design versatility that provides an almost endless range of possibilities to meet the enacting needs of the world. "WPC" combines the idea of wood waste recycling and innovative mindset that designed to offer as an alternative to those industrialists and end-users who appreciates the natural beauty of wood.Because of its recyclable nature, "WPC" will assist in reducing the strain on our forests.

Properties and Features

- Fire Retardant
- Water resistant
- Insect resistant >Recylable
- No Finishing Required
- Maintainence Free
- Free From Natural Defects
- Without Warps, Splits, Cracks, Stains, Pinholes, Etc

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