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We are offers wide range of Quality Preforms in various sizes in narrow and wide mouth. Which is used for mineral water, edible oil, carbonated beverages, Agro Chemicals, confectionary, cosmetics Food & Pharmaceuticals…. Industries.

We are capable to manufacture world class quality products. Our range of products which includes narrow and wide mouth containers in a large range of volumes for narrow 60 ml. To 1.5 liters and For wide mouth 350 ml. to 7 liters.

  • Totally inert, non-toxic and Eco-friendly.
  • Exhibits good chemical resistance. Resistance to acids, alkalies, alcohols, common organic solvents and oils/fats.
  • Containers manufactures from our performs exhibit good mechanical strength, impact resistance, gas/water vapor barrier properties, low wall thickness/lightweight, consistent volume & smooth neck-finish.
  • Crystal clear like glass. Can be colored for better UV and light resistance and Eye-catching appearance.
  • Adaptable to both metal and plastic caps.
 Narrow Mouth 60ml to 1500ml
25 mm PCO neck x 9.5gm
25 mm PCO neck x 12.5gm
25 mm PCO neck x 16gm
28 mm PCO neck x 15gm
28 mm PCO neck x 17gm
28 mm PCO neck x 22gm
28 mm PCO neck x 24gm
28 mm PCO neck x 26gm
28mm Snap Fit Neck x 22gm
28mm Snap Fit Neck x 24gm
Narrow Mouth
Wide Mouth Jar 250ml to 7lt
53 mm neck x 18gm
53mm neck x 21gm
73 mm neck x 26gm
73 mm neck x 28gm
83 mm neck x 44gm
83 mm neck x 50gm
96 mm neck x 44gm
96 mm neck x 50gm
96 mm neck x 55gm
96 mm neck x 66gm
110mm neck x 120 gm
Wide Mouth
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